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Chaotic Lord
Joined October 2010

Chaotic Lord is a Gold Member of the Facepunch Studios forums.


Chaotic Lord registered in October 2010, and has still not made any real contribution to the forums.

In 2011, he submitted a single sound file to the short-lived Valve Racing Experience mod,[1] and started work on a terrible track map, which was abandoned due to both his mapping inexperience, and the project's apparent death.

Chaotic Lord became involved in the Found on the Tape ARG, being appointed as one of 10 "Canidates" [sic], and creating the Waffleman! Steam group,[2] and becoming an Admin for the I MADE SOME WAFFLES BRO Facebook page.[3] However, the ARG died, and Chaotic Lord's artificial importance died with it.

In June 2013, he submitted a store to the Facepunch Shopping Mall Map Collab project, and was granted a space in the shopping center. Later that year, on the 10th of September, Chaotic Lord purchased the Gold Member upgrade for himself. He later said that it "was the worst $5 he ever spent".

Chaotic Lord also created Craptasket's Christmas 2013 avatar, which user lope added animated lights to.


In January of 2013, Chaotic Lord purchased his first title, which read "I bought myself a title. Am I cool now?"

He immediately received a response from user Mike Tyson via Visitor Messages, which said "No." Approximately two months later, user jbthekid posted "A title? You're so fucking cool now. I have utmost respect for you." Both of these comments hurt Chaotic Lord, at least according to him, and he 'hasn't been the same' since.

Later, in January of 2014, Chaotic Lord purchased his second, and current title. This title was lifted from a post by user Riller in the Fast Thread "Write a Haiku about the User's Avatar above you."[4]

Great lord and master

Saviour of our sinful world

Michael Bay Christus

—Riller, Write a Haiku about the User's Avatar above you.

Chaotic Lord took a liking to the last line, and promptly made it his title.



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