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Joined July 2011

camcole1 is a user of the forums notorious for his frequent threads made in software support subforums, many which were rather shortsighted or simply did not make sense. He earned a reputation for his poorly thought out projects, usually eliciting sarcastic responses rather than actual help. This culminated in the thread Can anyone crack this, in which his vague request was linked with an equally odd website. With his posting history in mind, users pretended to have hacked something, throwing catchphrases, key words, and large vocabulary all over the place in an attempt to confuse him.

Later, in yet another poorly planned out thread request, camcole1 returned to ask for a good display template for his website. As users discovered just how bad his current infrastructure was, the users Turing and Tratzzz interrupted to expose camcole1's keylogging operation. The more he backpedaled, the deeper hole he dug himself until he was finally permabanned for his actions.

camcole1 was unbanned during Garry's Birthday, which he used the opportunity to snip as many posts as he could find with Facepunch's search interface. He is currently inactive on the forums.