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Joined May 2014

Caamib is a Blue Member of the Facepunch Studios forums. He is notable for the publication of an article on the forums by the name of "THE STORY OF YOUR INCEL – AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH", explaining the circumstances leading to the creation of the article, while also urging the reader to become a "Coalpha".[1][2] It is known for its strongly held controversial misogynist views, delay of delivery for three months, and extreme size (approximately 21000 words). Whenever criticism was given by other users through blunt statements or from individuals who actually read said article, Caamib continued to insult them. He was eventually permanently banned in the same thread for the reason 'gimmick/insane'.

His permaban was reversed on the 20th of May, 2015, for Garry's Birthday, and the account laid dormant for years after. Users never forgot Caamib, and would continue to remember the absurdity of his post. However, he would return once more following the posting of the BBC article titled "What is an 'incel'?" to Sensationalist Headlines, where on the 25th of April, 2018, he spoke to users once more, professing his controversial opinions.[3] He was permanently banned just under an hour later for the reason 'Advocating murder/what the hell are you doing'. He'd return a day later under an alt, however, which also got permabanned quite swiftly.[4]


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