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Joined June 2012
Brutalmoose in all of his glory

brutalmoose is a user and Gold Member on Facepunch who has risen to moderate fame on YouTube.[1]

Discovery on Facepunch

On the 19th of June, 2012, user Psycho9182 posted a thread in the Videos and Flash Movies and That Kind Of Crap section titled "BrutalMoose, a not so well known video game reviewer."[2]

The thread quickly amassed over 250 funnies, and widespread acclaim. brutalmoose's views shot up rapidly, the most redirects coming from the forum. People continued to watch his videos and praise them, until on the 21st of June, 2012, brutalmoose created an account on Facepunch and posted in the thread, quickly amassing over 300 winner ratings.[3]

brutalmoose continued to post in the thread, talk to his fans and generally improve the quality of his videos from Facepunch critiquing.

Rise to Popularity on YouTube

After getting so many views from Facepunch users, and Facepunch users sharing the videos to their friends, brutalmoose continued to rise to popularity until he was selected to voice for an episode of Did You Know Gaming? on YouTube.[4]

His popularity exploded once again, and he started making cameos and working with some of his other friends over YouTube, including BalrogtheMaster,[5] Caddicarus,[6] Yungtown,[7] SpaceHamsterGames[8] and NintendoFanFTW.[9]

He once again rose in popularity after PeanutButterGamer[10] made an appearance in one of his videos.[11]

Hidden Block

BalrogtheMaster, Caddicarus, Yungtown, SpaceHamsterGames, NintendoFanFTW and brutalmoose decided that they should make their own website with it's own forums to interact with fans more directly and to have more control over their videos, so they made Hidden Block.[12]

Ever since Hidden Block was put up, brutalmoose and Yungtown have posted less frequently on Facepunch, though they are still reasonably active, posting more often after a new video has been released or a live stream has been announced.

Brutalmoose still makes videos, does livestreams with his fans[13] and communicates with people on Hidden Block and Facepunch today.


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