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Joined September 2018

breakyourfac was a Gold Member and user of the Facepunch Studios forums. He is notable for a series of threads in Sensationalist Headlines whose titles explained his relation to the subject. For example, My City Installed Cameras In The Public Bathrooms,[1] or This kid I know got hit by a car near my house.[2]

He often made posts about all the drugs he used, for which Starpluck bought him a title which says "I like to constantly remind everyone that I do illegal drugs. I squeeze it into all posts."

He was banned frequently starting in the summer of 2013. He was permabanned in September, unbanned the next October, and then permabanned again on 16 November 2014, then unbanned on 20 May 2015 for Garry's Birthday.

His final ban followed from this thread,[3] which lamented the disappearance of Durgs Discussion in the 2015 forum section reshuffle.

He rejoined the forum with a new account on 9 September 2018.[4]


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