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Joined October 2009

Bradyns is a Moderator on the Facepunch Studios Forums, known for his involvement in Sensationalist Headlines & the Mathematics threads. You can find him evangelizing the sacred word of Supreme Lord Elon Musk prior to any SpaceX launch.

Notable Contributions

Weight Loss Support Thread

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Weight Loss Support Thread Mascot.
On the 14th of June, following his stay at hospital, Bradyns decided to create a thread in Witness The Fitness offering positive encouragement, and a supportive environment for Facepunchers who are in the process of losing weight, or need that little nudge to get started.

Facepunch Skype Thread

This endeavour was embarked upon to enable the users of Facepunch to "talk instead of type", in regards to topics of deep philosophical significance.[1] No sooner than 24 hours after its spawn, the first dragon dildo appeared on camera thanks to user BlackRaven117, and sometimes it gets hijacked by TrannyAlert.

Infamous users such as Sobotnik also joined the conversation to bestow their superior knowledge onto the lowly Facepunch peasants.

Ratings Distribution

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