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Joined March 2011
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Yep, That's him.

Blakeownzu is a Blue Member of the Facepunch Studios forums, who, around 2011, started going into a "war" of sorts with forum members after they mocked him for spamming a video around the forums about him wanting to give away his "purple party hat" in Runescape to one of his subscribers if he got 1,000 subscribers and if the winning subscriber liked and favorited the video.[1]


Before Facepunch

Before his infamy on Facepunch, he supposedly gathered some infamy on other forums and online communities. He supposedly was ranting about a community (possibly the Runescape community) on his "Advanced Parkour" video about how the community was a "community of losers" and that he hated them "clearly".[2]

After making various replies to videos and other YouTube users, he supposedly left YouTube for awhile after his first dosage of hate. However, he came back to YouTube on the 9th of March, 2011 to the disgust of those who disliked him before he left his mark on the Facepunch community.[3]

During Facepunch

Although he made posts during his YouTube activity in 2009 that were perceived as stupid or dumb, he didn't receive any true sense of infamy on Facepunch until the 30th of March, 2011. That day was the day that he first posted a thread about his purple party hat video in the General Games Discussion forum section which received some hateful replies and got locked for being posted in the wrong section.[4] On the 2nd of April, 2011, he came back and posted a video of his "Prank Call" to Xbox Live Support on his main account[5] while spamming the purple party hat video across the forum's various boards on an alternate account. Ultimately, the main account and the alt was permabanned, but that didn't stop him from continuing.

Eventually, he spammed the forums again with a variety of other alt accounts, this time with a video of him showing off a weapon that he will attack forum members with, the weapon was an "18.5 Caliber Glock" that was really just an airsoft gun.[6] Ultimately, his "weapon" didn't have calibers in it, prompting him to say that he will order some and show Facepunch the calibers once he gets them. All the alts that spammed this video with were banned.

Before then, on the 1st of April, 2011, likely before or during the spamming of his latest video showing off his glock with no calibers, a user named Kai-ryuu made a thread called "Inside the mind of Blakeownzu: A tragedy" which documented the various videos Blakeownzu posted on YouTube before spamming the forums.[7] Ultimately, Blake himself made accounts to reply to the thread under the guise of fans, which people could obviously see that it was just Blake thanks to the account's join date and post count. Folks laughed at him and his videos.[8] Eventually, Blake himself started replying to the thread, posting a variety of new videos by him whenever they came out about updates having to do with his calibers and what he's going to do to Facepunch, as well as spamming such videos across the forum.[9]

Eventually, Blake's ultimate fate was handed to him when he was given an IP Ban. This caused him to ultimately stop posting videos about Facepunch for the most part, ending the majority of the conflict with the video "TO ALL MY HATERS!!!!!".[10] After that video, the conflict ultimately died down.

After Facepunch

After his moment of infamy on Facepunch, he went on to make a variety of videos, including one showing off his gaming setup and his "Starcraft song". Eventually, he tried taking to the 4chan community, which died much faster than his attack on Facepunch, which he ironically stated in the 4chan video's comments that he "HATES FACEPUNCH!!!!" but that "their boards are nicer than 4chan."

Eventually, he went on to make a video about an "Operation UFO" that went nowhere, and posted some random Starcraft gameplay videos, a rant on Catalyst, and a "Dubstep Dancing" video. He finally stopped posting videos on his channel following the video "Sk8 or Di3!!!!!!!!!", in which he completely failed at using a skateboard properly, officially ending his YouTube "career" on the 25th of July, 2011.

Influence on Facepunch

Although he spammed the forums for a few days and had a thread about him that garnered some attention, he ultimately wasn't really well remembered by many members after the incident. Although there are still a good amount of members that remember the event and what happened, and slightly fewer that reference the event from time to time.

Ultimately, the forum ultimately forgot about blakeownzu, but his negative impact on the forum still lived on within references made by some forum posters and is still remembered from time to time by members.

Garry's Birthday

He was unbanned for Garry's Birthday in 2013.


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