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The Automotive Addicts Lounge is a thread series located in the General Discussion forum section. The thread primarily deals in discussion about vehicles and automotive related topics.


Automotive Addicts started out originally as a subforum of the Lifestyles and Hobbies forum section, initially called Avid Automotive Admirers. After Hobbies moved from the Custom Forums forum category to the Facepunch forum category, Automotive Addicts adopted its current name. Following the 2011 forum section reshuffle, with the promotion of Hobbies into a forum category, Automotive Addicts spun off and became its own forum section.

As a result of the 2015 forum section reshuffle, the Hobbies forum category and all its forum sections were dissolved and absorbed by General Discussion. Aetna would go ahead and start the first "Automotive Addicts Lounge" thread directly afterwards.

Versions Automotive Addicts V8 Pt. 2 - Real Motors have 8 cylinders and Pushrods Edt.] by LilSnekBigStick on 15th June, 2018