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Ask Us About the Forums was a thread series in General Discussion where people could ask questions to moderators about the forums. It was closed on the 27th of February 2013 by garry.[1] Its spiritual successor can be found in the Making Facepunch Better thread series.


With the 6th version of the series dating all the way back to 2009,[2] with even earlier threads lost to time, one can imagine that much had happened in these threads. An excellent example is the slithersoul incident.

Caching Exploit

Because of cloudflare's avatar caching problem, visiting the thread would show you as the last person viewing the thread, the only thing being that the thread had to end with an image format e.g. .ICO. [citation needed]

Garry Getting Banned

Users asked if it was possible to ban garry, Starpluck banned him and unbanned him, causing garry's usergroup to become a guest. This resulted in garry's account being reinstated and Starpluck becoming banned for the reason "Test" (which is the same reason Starpluck banned garry with[3]) for a month. Starpluck was reverted to moderator after he came back on an alt to talk to users.


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