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The 2015 forum section reshuffle was a change to the forum's layout made on the 13th of January 2015. It reversed several of the changes made in the 2011 forum section reshuffle.

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Forum sections circa January 13th, 2015

Many users reacted negatively to the one-column forum index, saying that it wasted space and required more scrolling. Reactions to the forum section deletion were also negative, with many users saying it made General Discussion too busy and was bad for the communities which had developed in the former sections.

Among the responses from the sections themselves, the Airsoft community began using the spinoff site fpair.net, others adapted and made megqathreads to house their communities, while some just faded away.

Seven months later, the topic of 'unfucking' the forum was again broached in the thread series Making Facepunch Better. Ratings had been removed in Sensationalist Headlines, and users complained about moderators rarely reversing changes which were supposedly temporary. The reshuffle was among these changes. In response, Big Dumb American said, without making any promises, that a new system such as tags might be added to replace the subforums that were active but removed.[1]

While a tag system wasn't introduced, the 2017 forum section reshuffle would try to address at least one or two of the complaints made.


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