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Welcome to Wikipunch

Wikipunch is the unofficial community wiki for the Facepunch forums. Our aim is to document Facepunch history and culture, so that new users can learn and old users can reminisce.

If you'd like to get involved in editing the wiki, request an account. If nothing happens, please make a post in the forum thread.

About the site

Early work on Wikipunch began in 2011, and it was publicly launched by Gimme20dollaz and smurfy in May 2013. Lavacano and fruxodaily soon came onboard as admins and unlike its predecessor, the wiki has largely been online and stable ever since.

The eventual fusion

Garry states on the Newpunch Roadmap an fp wiki. Guess what? You're on one. Albeit unofficially. But merging the two together would be cool, right? Voice your opinion in this thread. Your opinion is valid, truly.

But anyway

Whether you don't understand why the Badage Boys are back in town, or you just want to remember the time that guy played Oblivion blacked-out drunk, Wikipunch has you covered. Hopefully. If it doesn't, sign up and write a new article!